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23 April 2011 @ 12:56
Remember that time I had a livejournal?  
I've been neglecting livejournal for tumblr. And now I'm neglecting tumblr for Doctor Who fic and TV shows (oh and school). (If you're interested, my tumblr.)

But speaking of Doctor Who, it's making me return to my homeland. You just can't have a community squee on tumblr like you can on LJ.

I've never really participated in Who fandom before or even had much of a desire to read fic until 11 and Amy and Rory came along. Now I need it like burning. If you have recommendations for comms or fics (Amy/Rory or Gen, any rating), please tell me! I'm basically looking for the Who equivalent of onceandfutures. I've found one, doctoreleven, which so far seems to be full of fun times. I think I'll be hanging out there for now.

Lastly, I went to the NYC Screening of Doctor Who! Arthur Darvill gave me a doughnut and signed my psychic paper! Let me know if anyone wants a proper full report. I'm still kind of in shock that that even happened to me. IT WAS AMAZING! I ALSO KNOW EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN EP 1 AND 2. If anyone wants spoilers for ep 2... well, I can tease but not tell. Steven Moffat's orders.

The BBC America camera crew seemed to love us. We were the loudest group and we had signs. I'm holding the one that says "Stetsons are cool"
Mood: excitedit's saturday!!!!
Lola: [dw] karen!misplacedmoony on 23rd April 2011 22:26 (UTC)
Re: Fic recs
Oooh, thanks! I read the first one awhile ago when going through netgirl_y2k's Merlin stuff. I just love absolutely everything by her.

I've actually found a fair few good fics by going through the Amy/Rory tag on delicious. That should keep me occupied for awhile. Not that I need any more distraction.