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08 October 2011 @ 20:11
Please excuse my ranting  
I am currently a witness to the most awkward conversation/fight ever. My friend is fighting with someone who keeps trying to date her and she wanted us to stick around in case he gets weird and omg it is so weird.

He is displaying some serious Nice Guy (TM) behavior and I kind of want to tell him she said fucking no to you and get the fuck out. He is ruining my dinner right now.

Good god, I want to smack him the face. He has the gall to be mad at her when she has repeatedly said she does not want to date him and he has made her feel uncomfortable and unsafe in her own apartment. Fuck. It sucks that he's like the best friend or something of one of her roommates and she wants to be friends with him, just doesn't want to date him.

Why do some guys just not fucking listen when a woman says no. NO, DAMN IT. He's talking and all I hear is bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

I think this is making me madder than she even is. But from hearing her side of the story all day, he is a douche. She doesn't have to inform you of her life, even if she has a new boyfriend.

Now they're just talking about random shit. What is this deteriorating into? I'm just gonna go back to reading Percy. Andrea can kick his ass if need be. I just needed to rant about this. I will take fictional characters and long dead civilzations over this bullshit any day.
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Jennifer: Merlin - Merlin doesn't approvehmsharmony on 10th October 2011 13:37 (UTC)
Oh God. That's ... ugh. Effing nice guys. They are actually the worst. I hope he gets the message and gtfo. D=