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18 January 2011 @ 18:09
In which I have thoughts about Battlestar Galactica  
I've been neglecting livejournal for tumblr these days but Battlestar Galactica has given me so many feelings that I need to discuss.

Someone please tell me the beginning of season three is some sort of joke. I honestly kept expecting them to pull some kind of wibbly wobbly timey wimey magic and take back the last five minutes of 2x20 because this can't possibly be right. BUT THEY DIDN'T. I hate time jumps. (I think Merlin can shoulder much of the blame for that.)

WHY DID EVERYONE GET MARRIED? Okay, I understand they're trying to make a permanent settlement and blah blah blah but still. A doomed shipper leads a life of ~pain, etc., etc. Mostly, I'm asking why did Lee and Dualla get married? I am befuddled. Or maybe I'm still smarting over the death of Billy/Dualla (and the death of Billy! DDD:)

Second, could someone please expand on the Cylons' motivations? Because I honestly don't understand why they're even bothering with the humans. I understand the initial attack but what is the point of continuing to follow them and then ~befriending them by installing a police state? It's nice that they regret the genocide of the human race but there's nothing to be done about it after the fact so they might as well enjoy the twelve nice planets they just acquired. Wait, was this explained when one of them said they didn't want the humans to retaliate generations later? Hmmm. This requires more thought than I've given it (which is to say, this requires thought in the first place).

Cylons remind me of a little kid trying to play with a cat by pulling on its tail and then not understanding why the cat keeps trying to bite them and run away. ...Wow, I am so ~poetic.

On that note, does Kara remind anyone else of Veronica Mars? At least in the way she deals with her relationships with men. Kara/Lee, specifically, reminds me of Logan/Veronica in many ways.

From 3x01 to 3x05, the only development I'm really genuinely happy about is Helo/Athena. Womp.

Also, Jamie Bamber in a fat suit is too comical to be believed.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. Thank you and good night.
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your heart is a strange little orange to peel: bsg; when the troubles arise we holdanythingbutgrey on 18th January 2011 23:35 (UTC)
hi this is elyssa ala tumblr what's up~

jamie bamber's fat suit was a fucking mess, dude. my father was like WOW THEY MADE HIM GAIN ALL THAT WEIGHT! and i side-eyed him for the rest of my life.

you will find out about all the marriages soon enough and then you will laugh or cry or do a little weep of joy i'm not sure everyone has very different reactions but mostly it's the last one. i think billy's death is the one that fandom never quite got over because it's what made lee/dee happen and we all hate that for one reason or another. as for the cylons, the reason why they're on new caprica etc. is because of caprica and boomer, who wanted to rejoin with the humans after loving the humans, but the humans aren't quite to inclined. i really love the beginning of s3, but it's very war-based. and clearly me being me i'm interested in the war, but i'm more invested in pilots, and that goes on serious vacation for the first bit of s3. but it's very centered on the darkness that gets into these people during the cylon occupation, and what people will go through and what people will do and i think it's very human and realistic and very, very dark, but nothing particularly changes. there's not a lot of movement, just a lot of stuff. i think s3 is really strong at points but apparently scifi (which was scifi back then) wanted them to have more stand-alone episodes, WHICH NEVER GOES WELL, so it led to a relatively fragmented season, but it's a great one for lee, which is all i care about. might as well be the lee adama season. i mean, 1-3 are all about lee as far as i'm concerned, but s3 is really the height of it, i think.