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21 December 2010 @ 02:27
SEMESTER TO-DO LIST (Scroll on, scroll on)  
I'm copying hmsharmony right now and making a to-do list but I'm making it an epic semester to-do list and putting it right on top so it can taunt me every time I'm on LJ when I'm not supposed to be (which is all the time). And I can check it no matter where I am. Look at LJ being helpful. jk, I'm using this to procrastinate writing a paper.

10/21: Origins of Human Society midterm
10/22: Archaeology of Colonial Ireland paper #1 due
10/24: Basic Drawing midterm project due
11/4: French midterm
11/8: Origins of Human Society paper #1 due
12/8: Basic Drawing final project due
12/13: Basic Drawing final review
12/13: Origins of Human Society paper #2 due
12/16: Origins of Human Society final
12/17: French final
12/17: Archaeology of Colonial Ireland final paper due
12/20: Elementary German final

Mood: productiveproductive (haha, not)
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Jenniferhmsharmony on 22nd October 2010 07:03 (UTC)
Yay lists! I absolutely make mine to procrastinate as well, though it's also a FANTASTIC feeling when you cross off one of your to-do items!

Good luck with everything, bb! We can make it (and if you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to rant to I'm here). &hearts

Our Saturday plans look very similar... ;-D