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08 October 2011 @ 20:11
I am currently a witness to the most awkward conversation/fight ever. My friend is fighting with someone who keeps trying to date her and she wanted us to stick around in case he gets weird and omg it is so weird.

He is displaying some serious Nice Guy (TM) behavior and I kind of want to tell him she said fucking no to you and get the fuck out. He is ruining my dinner right now.

Good god, I want to smack him the face. He has the gall to be mad at her when she has repeatedly said she does not want to date him and he has made her feel uncomfortable and unsafe in her own apartment. Fuck. It sucks that he's like the best friend or something of one of her roommates and she wants to be friends with him, just doesn't want to date him.

Why do some guys just not fucking listen when a woman says no. NO, DAMN IT. He's talking and all I hear is bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

I think this is making me madder than she even is. But from hearing her side of the story all day, he is a douche. She doesn't have to inform you of her life, even if she has a new boyfriend.

Now they're just talking about random shit. What is this deteriorating into? I'm just gonna go back to reading Percy. Andrea can kick his ass if need be. I just needed to rant about this. I will take fictional characters and long dead civilzations over this bullshit any day.
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23 April 2011 @ 12:56
I've been neglecting livejournal for tumblr. And now I'm neglecting tumblr for Doctor Who fic and TV shows (oh and school). (If you're interested, my tumblr.)

But speaking of Doctor Who, it's making me return to my homeland. You just can't have a community squee on tumblr like you can on LJ.

I've never really participated in Who fandom before or even had much of a desire to read fic until 11 and Amy and Rory came along. Now I need it like burning. If you have recommendations for comms or fics (Amy/Rory or Gen, any rating), please tell me! I'm basically looking for the Who equivalent of onceandfutures. I've found one, doctoreleven, which so far seems to be full of fun times. I think I'll be hanging out there for now.

Lastly, I went to the NYC Screening of Doctor Who! Arthur Darvill gave me a doughnut and signed my psychic paper! Let me know if anyone wants a proper full report. I'm still kind of in shock that that even happened to me. IT WAS AMAZING! I ALSO KNOW EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN EP 1 AND 2. If anyone wants spoilers for ep 2... well, I can tease but not tell. Steven Moffat's orders.

The BBC America camera crew seemed to love us. We were the loudest group and we had signs. I'm holding the one that says "Stetsons are cool"
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I've been neglecting livejournal for tumblr these days but Battlestar Galactica has given me so many feelings that I need to discuss.

~SPOILERS through 3x05~Collapse )

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. Thank you and good night.
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21 December 2010 @ 02:27
I'm copying hmsharmony right now and making a to-do list but I'm making it an epic semester to-do list and putting it right on top so it can taunt me every time I'm on LJ when I'm not supposed to be (which is all the time). And I can check it no matter where I am. Look at LJ being helpful. jk, I'm using this to procrastinate writing a paper.

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19 December 2010 @ 03:32
First, writing a horrible paper and studying for horrible exams.

Second, procrastinating by compiling a list of Harry/Hermione Fic Recommendations for Fuck Yeah! Harry+Hermione.

I've been reading Harry Potter fic for about seven years now (omg i feel old) so it was quite an interesting experience trying to compile what I thought were the best ones our fandom has to offer. I already had a bit of a list going in my memories but that wasn't nearly all of the good stuff (I mean, SEVEN YEARS WORTH).

So I thought, where did I use to read a lot of fic? Fanfiction.net and Portkey.org. I hadn't visited the sites in years so I wasn't sure what I would find. Well, apparently I didn't favourite much on ff.net and that's probably for the best. Portkey, however. Oh, Portkey.

When I first looked at my favourites I swear I thought someone hacked my account because there was no way that I could ever have liked a Harry-has-a-long-list-twin-sister fic. EVER. But I kept going. Some fics I remembered and so I reread them. WHAT EVEN. Actually physically cringed. The writing, the plots, everything about all but maybe two of the things I liked when I was 13... SO AWFUL. This is like a horrible time capsule of my life and mindset in middle school.

As if this could get any worse, PK also saves reviews you left on stories and in order to favourite a story you have to leave a review. IS THIS ACTUALLY HOW I COMMUNICATED WITH PEOPLE? OH MY GOD. It was worse than reading my middle school diary. Apparently, I did like a Harry-has-a-long-list-twin-sister story. And I said it was one of the best I'd ever read. Those fics I reread and cringed at? Also got a "best story ever!!!!!!!" And the misspellings. Did I ever proofread anything? What was I thinking? I seriously want to know.

Just... thank god, THANK GOD, I learned eventually. I think the move to LJ was instrumental in my growth. *hugs LJ*

That's the one thing I'm taking comfort in. All of these were saved in 2004 and 2005 (eighth and ninth grade) and at least I have grown since then and acquired a discerning (I hope) eye for story in general and fic specifically.

This does explain a lot about how Twilight was allowed to happen in my life though. Interesting.
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In high school, I would've been able to knock off a five page paper in a forty minute period, no problem. Now, I've spent all night on this paper and I still didn't finish in time. And I can't even say that the work was harder or that I was actually trying. It wasn't, I wasn't. I just wanted to get it done and didn't care about the quality.

So College Self is actually the same as High School Self, I've just gotten worse at everything. AWESOME.

For someone who loves learning so much, I am awfully bad at school. I literally have no idea how I manage to make decent grades. Let's hope my dumbass luck holds out.

Also, Word 2010 is, if it's even possible, more annoying than Word 2007.
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02 December 2010 @ 02:59
Who was your best childhood friend, and where are they now?

My best childhood friend was snufflespf. She is also my best adulthood friend. She's currently rocking the world and being my life hero over at Harvard.

Though Niz is the first to come to my mind, I did have two other best friends at different times in my childhood. My first best friend I met in kindergarten. She moved to Maryland after second grade but we've still kept in touch through letters. I think I might even be seeing her this weekend. That would be great as it's been more years than I can remember since I've seen her face.

The other best friend moved into the house two doors down from me the summer before fourth grade. She introduced me to Harry Potter and together we discovered the internet and experienced all the trials and tribulations of middle school. Her mom basically adopted me and they were exactly the second family I needed then. So much of who I am today is a direct result of knowing them and for that, I'll be forever grateful. Our friendship didn't really survive growing up but I'll always treasure it.
02 December 2010 @ 02:40
My less-than-a-month-old computer will not turn on. Seriously, universe? Seriously?

So I'm going to have to call up some people in my non-existent free time and get that sorted. Ugh.

In better news, my friend just gave me the Anastasia soundtrack so that's making my night considerably better. The ridiculous French essay I have yet to start to write is not.

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I caught up with all my shows over Thanksgiving but now they're all on hiatus. I can't even remember what's happened in half of them. What is the end of the semester doing to my brain? I just have to survive until December 20 (and not post LJ entries when I have a French essay due tomorrow later this same day). Then I can live in my vegetative state for three whole weeks! Huffah!
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